About the Project

Inspired by 100 Happy Days, this project will document 100 average, run-of-the-mill days with depression, with the goal of challenging my shame and raising awareness of what depression looks like…hint: it looks all sorts of things, like smiles, burritos, tears, greasy hair, dancing, drinking, Netflix, love. Depression is not always tragic, or dramatic; more often, it is mundane. (But oh, can it be tragic.)

Depression is smiles. Depression is deep breaths. Depression is impulse buys.

Depression is surviving.

Here are my 100 days of low serotonin — one picture of my dumb face for each day. I vow to:

  • Not be embarrassed.
  • Try to shower, when reasonable.
  • Own and understand my depression.
  • Move forward.
  • Not be embarrassed. Oh God did I already say that? Ugh, mortified. I mean wait. It’s fine.

Email me your stories and photos — 100depresseddays@gmail.com — and remember you are not alone.



IMG_1894Tentative slogan: “Because #depressed people should be allowed to show their dumb faces on the social medias just as much as #happy people.”


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