November 23, DAY 100!!!!!!!!!

100Well, I survived another 100 days of depression. I suppose the end of this project was always destined to be anti-climactic. Maybe that’s the point: 100 days of depression will continue to come and go, unceremoniously, for years and years and years and years.

On a personal level, this is a triumph, the fact that I’ve set aside time 100 DAYS IN A ROW to stop and recognize and celebrate (celebrating as evidenced in the balloons on today’s selfies) my strength in the face of overwhelming gloom. Because depression is hard. It hurts. It stings. It robs me. And after each and every single day of depression, depression says to me, callously, “Same time, same place tomorrow?”

Therefore: I am strong. I’ve cried into pad thai more times than I’ll admit, but I am strong. And you are strong. We all get to be strong. Sometimes strength is taking a picture of your face when you hate your face, when you hate yourself. Because we have to be present for the battles. We have to be comfortable, cozy even, with the battles.

I’m going to take the spirit of this project with me, and I hope you will too. Let’s keep fighting shame, because it’s bogus and unproductive. Crappy. The worst. Stupid. [More negative things.] We are stronger than shame.

I am depressed. Thanks guys, for being here.

Note: I’ll continue posting depression-related things here. Please feel free to keep talking to me at <3.


One thought on “November 23, DAY 100!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi i myself suffered from Drepression too, now no more but i just found out that i’m Borderline. So i wish you good luck, all the luck and courage you will need. Depression is most of the time missunderstood and it’s as hard for ourselves as it is for family and friends , the close ones. It’s also painful when everybody thinks that you are just capricious.


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