Sometimes Depression and Laziness Lends You Creativity

photo-4It’s like that TV trope of the psychotic genius who solves the mystery by frantically posting documents onto a board, the organization of which is only understood by the genius herself.

I’ve been living in my new place for a few weeks, and I still haven’t purchased curtains.

Every 7:30 am, the sun bursts through my window, raising my body temperature to 102 degrees and my eye sensitivity to 1000 whatever-unit-we-use-to-measure-sensitivity. Yesterday morning, half-asleep me decided to do something about this relentless sun attack. I frantically began taping magazines, cardboard, loose paper, folders, and posters to the window pane. Twenty minutes later, I was able to huddle in the corner of bed that was protected by the shade of my paper trash and fall back asleep.

I hope I’ll have the emotional energy to buy a curtain soon.

Until then, this will have to do.

(I turn 24 in a month.)


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