September 2, Day 18

photo-22I’m feeling pretty high-confidence today. I can’t stop listening to my personal favorite lady confidence anthem, “Conceited,” by the incomparable Remy Ma. (Props to my pal Annalea for introducing me to this jam a couple years back. It’s changed everything for me.)

Lyrical highlight:

Now who’s that peaking in my window
Nobody cause I live in a penthouse
Baby I’m sorry but I’m sexy
And all I want you to do is just bless me, lets see
This kid that I’m waiting on
He said he loves when my jeans look painted on
Wit a tight white tee, you ain’t quite like me
Probably why I’m always getting hated on
Now shorty tryna push up on me like a wonder bra
Listen when I speak out I wouldn’t want you take it wrong
Now number one I don’t need you
Ya names Q I only see you wen I see you
Listen two you never play me
Why is that?? why is that??
Cause I’m such a fucking lady
And three is all about me I don’t want to talk about it
If you’d like to hear it here it go
Here you go I wrote a song about it”


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