Friend of 100 Depressed Days from Croatia!

nikolina1Stressed, depressed, but well-dressed.

nikolina3“Advice came my way saying I should find something positive about all the negative. First I thought to myself: WHAT!?!? But soon later an AHA moment happened for me, and this is a true story. I almost cried (ok, I did). I realized something: If I hadn’t had so many panic attacks, days of feeling so low I wouldn’t get out of bed until evening, crying so hard, being in dark places of my mind and  struggling to get out of there, I would have never, ever started WRITING!!! I was so amazed by this realization…Writing is really something I am #happy about, writing can make dark things seem a bit lighter… I can’t avoid comparison to SATC Charlotte, ’cause she is a master of this mind flow (If I hadn’t met Trey, I wouldn’t have divorced him and met my divorce lawyer Harry…she’s adorable). We are never as happy, or as sad as we think.” – N, from Split, Croatia


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